The Old Testament in 12 lessons, using timelines

I use this booklet to teach the Old Testament in 12 hours.

If you arrange a weekend with 6 or more people and are willing to give me 12 hours, in one weekend, I will come to you and work through it anywhere within a day’s driving distance from Pretoria. If you are within 3 hours drive from Pretoria you can arrange a Friday evening for 2 hours and Saturday morning 4 hours for two weekends in a row. 

Doing it at a campsite somewhere is ideal, but at your church or home is fine as well. You must arrange everything the participants need (food accommodation etc.). I will come with all I need, arrange my own accommodation and bring printed booklets. You do not have to pay me anything. Any donations given will be used to do buy Bibles for the outreach work we are doing.

I can do it in Afrikaans or English. Ideally I would like equip you to take this booklet and work through it again with a group of your own. You can download this booklet and use it for free as longs as you pass it on for free as well.