Towel of love

A small towel especially for you
as reminder: God will come through.
He will turn every heartbroken “Why?”
into an exclamation: “On Me you can Rely!”

When hardships make you sweat,
make your towel soaking wet.
On the back of your neck it will sooth –
Soon your road will feel smooth!

When sorrows blur your view unclear,
use your towel to gently dry a tear.
Soon your hope will restore
and you will laugh more and more.

On this towel you should kneel
to pray and share what you feel.
As you trust Him more and more,
you will hear the answer: “I restore!”

When you travel take it along –
It turns sorrows into song,
because it wants to remind:
Your God is one of a kind.

As soon as you do not ask “Why, why?”,
another towel is what you should buy.
This message is meant to share
to suffering friends in need of loving care.

On all our towels together we kneel,
asking God to help and to heal.
For every crisis we share,
we know God is there.

I give you this towel of love
with a message from above:
Whenever you want to ask “Why?”,
remember on God you can rely!